The positive benefits of competition

Nihar Chhaya in an article titled Feel Like You’re Falling Behind Your Peers, published in the Harvard Business Review, highlights a recent study that says we can reap the positive benefits of competition without suffering from uncertainty.

So how can you harness the positive benefits of competition without suffering from the insecurity it may breed?

The author lists 5 strategies:

Track your triggers.

Shift from reactive rumination to purposeful reframing.

▪ Exhibit a personal strength to regain validation and momentum.

Redefine your peer set and create a new field of play.

Shake free of internalized expectations.

As the author concluded in the article: "Any endeavor in your career and life will inevitably bring bouts of self-comparison and insecurity. But whenever you feel like you’re falling behind others (whether that’s true or not), you can use these strategies to regain your confidence and excel in the competitions that genuinely matter to you."

Read the full article here.

The positive benefits of competition

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