The importance of serendipity

We were impressed by an article entitled How to Create Your Own Career Luck, written for the Harvard Business Review by Christian Busch.

The article outlines the importance of serendipity.

As the author writes in the introduction, job seekers, entrepreneurs, and executives who want to to advance their careers are confronted with unprecedented uncertainty. In order to succeed in achieving their goals, they must be ready for the unexpected and turn it into positive outcomes by seeing and connecting the dots. As the author summarizes: "they need to nurture serendipity: the unexpected good luck resulting from unplanned moments, in which proactive decisions lead to positive outcomes."

So how can we cultivate or nurture this “good luck”? 

The author says:  "By setting hooks and planting bombs." 

Now, to see how these two practices can help you flex your serendipity muscles, welcome to read the full article.

The importance of serendipity

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