Talk to me or listen to Sir David Attenborough!

You wish to be a bear, big, strong, and untouchable.

Ever thought about a squirrel, quick and tiny, who can crack a nut in a second?

See, we all have unique talents!

And as human beings we can adjust extremely quickly. If we want to.

And we can thrive, not only grow. If we want to...

I consider myself being a mama bear. I am tall, strong, resourceful, decisive, protective, and unbeatable. And I believe to carry a self-mechanism of reinventing myself and identifying a new angle to find a solution for the same problem. I enjoy being on a stage. I miss it so much, that I’ve decided to use an old picture of myself on the stage for this blog, to relive it again and to remind me, how much I love it.

Though, we must enjoy other forms of communication, performance and staying in touch with other people as well. This unexpected pandemic situation taught me a lesson about it.

Even though I am a social beast, I still enjoyed working from home the first three weeks, as I discovered Zoom and all the web communication apps and equipment. I even made some shopping for it, which was exciting and new.

Working from home for over six weeks became challenging. It is tough. I admit it loudly now and I was not prepared to do so before. I was hiding this thought inside of me, until three days ago, when I discovered, I have a low energy level, find it hard to motivate myself to start working, being unhappy with my results or even not being able to see that me and my team delivered great new things and content in last few weeks.

Working from home started to bother me.

Excitement about new projects and all the new content we created, disappeared. With only one thought. I was nourishing the thought for the next two days. Not knowing what to do with it and not being the nicest person to live with.

I was stuck. Stuck with my thoughts, inside of my head. It takes time, to “steps out of it”.

The monthly scheduled blog was my rescue. As I had to do research and thinking about the theme of my blog, I found the TED Talk about emotional agility. It helped me to start thinking differently. To find a new angle for a solution to my problem. It helped me to identify a small child hidden deep inside, unconfident, yet happy and I found my squirrel inside of me, being quick in action, while seeing her head and her tail.

Today I am changing my statement: “I considered myself to be like a bear!” But I am not. I would like to be a squirrel in certain situations, and I will allow myself to be a child in need of support and a big hug. This I promise to myself, today.

We cannot be prepared for every single new, adventurous, dangerous, scary, exciting situation. But we can step out, open the door, or start talking. Admit to ourselves that we are only humans and as humans, we rest and make mistakes and we are allowed to be lazy and crazy. In the meantime, walk your personal “why”, your long-term goal, your life dream, your biggest project that you have decided for. Name your why, as you would like. It must be personal and must sound aspirational. And then find a new angle and progress, move on. We as human beings are made to develop and to travel.

Find your own way how to handle difficult times. Define your own way(s) of rejuvenation. And find a food for your soul. “Be emotionally agile, get unstuck, embrace change, and thrive in work and life”, as Susan David says in her book “Emotional Agility”.

Personally, I discovered to have two ways to train my emotional agility.

First one is to talk to people, to my closest friends. Long ago I recognized a healing power of listening to my own words, as I say them loudly. And it helps me to press a »switch« button, to behave and act differently.

Secondly, I am not a person enjoying meditation and I strongly believe this to be my development area, to be able to calm my mind more often. Though, I discovered Sir David Attenborough. Did you ever listen to his animal and wildness stories before going to sleep? Try it. Without watching. It does miracles.

So, decided already? Will you talk or will you listen to Sir David Attenborough?

Thank you for reading me and dedicating your time to me. I appreciate it every single time.

Big virtual hug,


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Talk to me or listen to Sir David Attenborough!

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