Take care of your balance, at work, life and mind.

As thinking about my todays blog, I wanted to write it as a “look back at 2019, all the good things that happened, all great projects we did and to share good wishes for 2020”.

Though, I decided to “wrap” my thoughts and wishes differently. What is important to you? Really important? Answer to this question is something you value the most. The answer will provide orientation for your future plans, it will be your inner force to achieve your goals and your inner motivation to never give up. And it is individual and personal, and it changes.

At the end of the year we are used to look back to discover what we’ve achieved in last 12 months and how we grew and whom we met and how we changed. And we recognise what was important to us. And we make new plans, create new expectations. I believe it is such a wonderful process, because it supports development. And if we do not grow and develop, we will not be happy on a long term.

Being happy has to do with various life areas. For myself and by my personal belief, it is related with the fact how satisfied we are with our selves, how fit we feel in our body and how strong our mind is. Key ingredient of our happiness is our physical health which we should not compromise. It can happen easily in a packed and dynamic business environment.

At BOC Institute we wish you to take care of your balance, at work, life and mind. You can and will achieve everything you wish for, if your body will be healthy, your mind focused and if you believe in yourself. Remember obstacles are in our head only, we can be all we wish for and we can achieve all we plan, if we work on it and for it.

I am looking forward to the new year. I am sure it will be different, yet interesting and prosperous in any meaning. Having done planning for 2020, we at BOC Institute will try further to help companies to develop and grow leadership competencies, to support our partners and clients in the areas of people and team development, creating unique solutions, enjoying the cooperation and our projects, every single second. Because we love what we do and it is important to us, how we make you feel, as our partner, as a client, as a person.

So, I suggest you look at the stars, pick one, make a wish and shoot it up there! Make it personal, make it important!

Until soon…. We wish you a wonderful and magical end of the year and a very happy, unique and successful 2020!

Big hug and kisses, Simona

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Take care of your balance, at work, life and mind.

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