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Why success depends more on personality than intelligence?

Jessica Stillman, contributor for Inc. Magazine, in a recent article, highlighted the results of a recent science conducted by Nobel laureate James Heckman and colleagues, which says IQ has pretty much nothing to do with success. The study actually found that grades and achievement-test results were markedly better predictors of adult success than raw IQ scores.

Personality can be changed

"While intelligence quotient is largely fixed, personality is more malleable," writes Stillman, who in her article also cites the findings of some psychology experts who argue persuasively that personality is not destiny. "We do ourselves a disservice, they note, when we see our personality as fixed and inflexible. In fact, science suggests that our character and behavior can be drastically altered by new circumstances or passions," she concluded.

You can read the full article here.

Personality > Intelligence

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