Managing newly remote workers

In the context of the new coronavirus pandemic, many people are forced to work from home, which, as we know for a long time, is not for everyone.

Leaders and managers are therefore increasingly confronted with the many challenges of getting their employees home-grown and organized. Barbara Z. Larson, Susan R. Vroman, and Erin E. Makarius outlined in the article the many challenges that new situations have brought and some tips on how to optimize work and organization.

The authors also wrote: “Research on emotional intelligence and emotional contagion tells us that employees look to their managers for cues about how to react to sudden changes or crisis situations. If a manager communicates stress and helplessness, this will have what Daniel Goleman calls a “trickle-down” effect on employees.”

We already wrote about trickle-down effect, in our blog: What makes a leader? Remember, we will go through these times together! You can read the whole article here.

Managing newly remote workers

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