January is always a month of a big jump

Hi, to 2020!

Or is it too late to say this? A lot of us are using that famous sentence of “how we jumped into the new year and that we do not remember the holidays anymore…”

On the other hand, a dynamic month of January provides so much excitement, with many new projects that we are starting at our agency or existing ones being renewed.

It is such an incredible motivation, seeing how our clients are growing in sales and increase engagement, how they are keen to develop their organisation and employees, with our help.

As business consultants and coaches, our biggest satisfaction is the work we deliver with integrity, while enabling companies to change, develop and grow.

So, January is always a month of a “big jump”.At BOC Institute we started a year with a search and selection project for a global business developer role, for one of our partner companies and great IT developers’ role in insure-tech industry.

As it suits the new year start, we began to work on three leadership development projects at companies of different industries. You can imagine what an added value it is, if you are developing leaders in banking, IT and manufacturing environment, how much we can all grow with best practice sharing and providing our clients with top services, based on learnings of various industries. We really love to be an agency, who is not only an executive search provider, yet as well a development catalyst, someone who makes a (re)action happen.

In the spirit of our January key projects I just recently read a great quote about leadership definition, by Warren Bennis: “Leadership is like beauty: it’s hard to define, but you know it when you see it.”

Keep enjoying what you do and stay in love with what you are wishing for!

Big hug and kisses,


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January is always a month of a big jump

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