How to shift work, talent, and skills to where we need them

Today we share with you an interesting article in which authors Ravin Jesuthasan, Tracey Malcolm and Susan Cantrell present their observations on how the coronavirus crisis affects changes in work processes, career priorities and perceptions of service in general.

In the introduction, the authors point out that the impact on work is far more profound than just changing where people work. "It is also fundamentally altering what work is performed and how we perform it," they wrote.

They propose three ways to shift work, talent, and skills to where and when they are needed. As the authors wrote, these tips will help you build the "organizational resilience and agility necessary to navigate uncertain times and rebound with strength when the economy recovers."

The three main directions that the authors formulated are:

1. Make work portable across the organization.

2. Accelerate automation.

3. Share employees in cross-industry talent exchanges.

For more detailed content and explanations, welcome to read the article available on our website.

How to shift work, talent, and skills to where we need them

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