How it all started for me?

Hello everybody!

This month I am the one writing the blog, because I would like to introduce myself, since I am the newest member onboard of BOC Institute team.

So far I have not been working as a recruiter or HR consultant, but my experience living and working abroad, has given me many insights and experience into recruitment procedures and what it means to be working in a competent team.

By meaning »competent« this goes far beyond the knowledge gained, the studies finished and skills learned. Most important skill you cannot learn is your attitude – how you react and engage in your environment. This could mean many things: how you tackle challenges, how you treat your colleagues, your coworkers, managers, clients, … are you eager to gain new knowledge and skills and ready to invest your precious time into it, etc.

I remember I have always been interested in finding a job where finetuning a perfect team, starts with a process of selecting team members and continues with internal development and strengthening of core individual and team competencies. I am so lucky I had applied for this job and been granted a chance to prove myself in this position. I remember I was immediately attracted by the job description and soon after I met our charismatic Simona who welcomed me with a big smile. I always remind myself how a simple smile has the power to open doors and connect people. This is how it all started.

I am here for all our trusted partners and candidates and all our future clients who want to experience our positive atmosphere at BOC Institute. We are not just another recruitment agency, we are passionately creating organisational stories, leading to change and organisational growth.

Do come by and meet us, we will welcome you with a smile.

Hugs, Urška

How it all started for me?

Who we are

With over 20 years of managerial experiences within the international business environment, our team offers a combination of solid business experiences and HR expertise, which strongly supports our client’s needs and ensures the delivery of high professional solutions for all your business needs and models.