Doyenne Mondays

It has been widely established that the majority of people dislike Mondays. We are full of weekend nostalgia and the working days ahead appear infinite. So it seems like no other day is in such a need of a powerful, uplifting topic about determined, tenacious or simply badass female leaders or doyennes. For anyone who is wondering what the word doyenne means… it is a simple word, hiding a complex meaning: courageous/changing the world for the better/thinking outside the box/following your instinct/accomplishing amazing things, type of women.

Do you remember how Vivien Leigh in Gone with the Wind said: Tomorrow is another day - hoping for a better dawn. Well, I think that day is today.

Our first doyenne is:

Anna O'DeaAnna

O'Dea is the founder of a recruitment agency Iceberg based in Melbourne. As someone who is passionate about her work, she found the public perception of the recruiting industry downgrading. In order to change it, she opted for a somewhat of an unusual move – she invested around 50,000$ in creating positive content that would remove the unfavorable stigma surrounding the industry.

Most of the money was invested in a project called „Leading Ladies“, conceptualized as a series of interviews with inspirational women in management positions. Anna admirably decided to talk about topics that are not easy to discuss, but nonetheless existent and important, like racism, sexism, homophobia and negotiating pay. And it certainly resonated with the public.

Read the article on how someone's leap of faith created a project that empowers people and at the same time sheds light on problems that need to be addressed.


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Doyenne Mondays

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