Coaching is the best approach to visualise. Have you tried it?

November was always my favourite month. Not only it opens the doors to festive and magical December, it is as well my birthday month. I made it special this year, less due to celebration and more due to the special promise to myself.

For every birthday I am gifting myself a coaching session, with a special goal. I would like to remind myself about my long-term aspiration and dedicate one hour to inspiration, motivation and commitment, to deliver what I believe in. I done it second time this year.

Visualisation is an extremely powerful technique to manifest desired outcomes. Coaching is the best approach to visualise. Have you tried it?

As the month is ending and looking back, there are so many things to be grateful for. We at BOC Institute are grateful for useful learnings in executive search, where we conducted six difficult candidate searches. If you are involved in projects of candidate search and selection, you do know that it is a hard job, which requires high level of personal integrity and respect. Though we always stay committed to high quality of services and persistence to find the best motivated and matching candidates.

I am also grateful for starting an exceptional program of transformation at one of our clients. This project will not only transform the processes at their organisation, it will change the whole company culture. We were working on the strategic project for over two months and now we are starting to work with employees to train and support them with change. Looking forward to share first insight with you next Spring.

As they celebrate Thanksgiving in US today, on November 28, it reminded me how deeply thankful I am for so many things that happened this month. I was incredibly creative, which brought several wonderful and concrete new ideas that we are implementing at BOC Institute. We started to be active, present and consistent in social media. Thank you, David! And to provide full access to our insights and experiences we would like to share, we are starting with newsletter as well. Subscribe when invited, if you love reading us.

Dedicating some time to visualisation, and having creative brainstorming with my friend Julija, brought up a wonderful future business idea, which resulted in a preparation of a new development oriented solution. It will take several months to be launched, but I am already excited. It is fresh, useful and I hope it will reach and help many individuals and organisations. Will keep you in the loop.

And last but not least, I am thankful for a new colleague in our team. A new energy, different approach, wonderful potential, though same commitment, passion and love for business and people, we already carry in our BOC DNA. Welcome dear Urška!

I am looking forward to December. It will be a packed month, with projects, work and as well celebration, meeting old and new people, sharing wishes for happy, wonderful, prosperous.

Until soon…. I wish you a wonderful and magical December!

Simona Špilak

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Coaching is the best approach to visualise. Have you tried it?

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