Changes are happening all the time on all levels

The only thing that is clear right now is that nothing is going to be like before. The current corona crisis will bring many changes on different areas. But that is nothing new. Changes are happening all the time on all levels. What is very different this time is that these changes will be global and more profound.

So, what that means for us? First, you have to trust yourself that you are much better in handling with complete insecurity – because you are doing that with great success for your entire life. Life can change for the worst in a split of a second. With one phone call. With one diagnosis, which can erase your old life. I know, been there, done that. And the only thing you can do is to deal with your new circumstances the best way you can. And you can. How to do that:

  1. Assess your position – as an individual, as a professional, as a business owner. Where do I stand? Are you prepared for rainy days? And for how long you can take pouring? What are the things you can live and can't live without?
  2. Focus on controllable - like I have written before you are not without control. Focus on the most urgent things which you have control on. Call the bank, call your different service providers, call friends that may help you. Start looking for possible different career, for different business opportunities, change your products/service portfolio. Do research. A lot of research.
  3. Make plans – Are you already who you want to be? Are you already where you want to be? Current affair seriously has shaken up our lives and plans. What differs us from other species is our ability to anticipate. And to aspire. Now is a right time to think about what and where you want to be after this storm passes. And to prepare yourself for the next, smaller ones.
  4. Turn down the volume – It looks like now everybody has an opinion on everything. But don't forget that opinions are the lowest form of knowledge, it requires no accountability, no understanding. So, turn off all media - unless they are pivotal for you or your business - and expose yourself only to the information that are crucial for you. And please use reliable resources of information.
  5. March at the beat of your own drum – Yes, we are all in the same boat, but at different positions. I am not implying that you should go against the current restrictions, only to/but to listen to yourself and do the things your own way. After all you are the leader of your life and only you know what you need and what is best for you. That also means that you are not in position to judge other people actions.
  6. Make a lemonade or a gin tonic – as saying goes: ”When life gives you lemons, make a lemonade.” Turn this dead time into alive time. Do the things you always planned to do, but never made it. Take time for reconnecting with your people and with your true self. Or do nothing. And rest, if this is what you need.

As we all came painfully aware, nothing is for certain. And that is true from beginning of time. Life is perpetuum mobile of aspirations, successes and failures. And although I absolutely do not believe that everything is good for something, I sincerely believe that we can make something good from every not so good situation. And corona will push us to make revision of ourselves and our life. And it is in your hands to make everything better or worst.

You are the captain of your ship. You cannot control the sea, but you can surely lead your ship. Wish you all to get to safe and calm waters as soon as possible.



Changes are happening all the time on all levels

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