Between meaning and happiness

Susan Peppercorn points out in her article on HBR that if you set happiness as your primary goal, you may end up feeling the opposite.

As she wrote: "This is because happiness (like all emotions) is a fleeting state, not a permanent one.”

Recent research shows that one of the most effective and least used ways to increase productivity, commitment, and performance is to make work more meaningful. Peppercorn also cites a recent study in which Shawn Achor and his researchers found that nine out of ten people would be willing to trade a percentage of their life’s gains for a more meaningful job.

According to research on happiness and meaning conducted by psychologist Roy Baumeister and colleagues, five factors differentiate meaning and happiness: 

- getting what you want or need,

- time frame,

- social life,

- challenges &

- personal identity.

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Between meaning and happiness

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