​Givers gain!

Givers gain and they do not have to work hard for it. The reason is the authenticity.

February is a month of many different events, such as Valentines, Carnival, a month of 29 days and fasting plans which start with wine, cigarettes and all kind of food we adore. For me personally there were so many events as well. A lot of business-related social events, which I like, because they always make me think out of the box and I love meeting colleagues from various business fields. You learn so much, just listening to experienced business people or experts who are willing to share their knowledge, time and attention. Because sharing is caring, in the business sense as well. As consultants we face challenges in the field of cooperation with our clients, while as well managing a huge base of candidates. And then there is social media, where content and engagement have to be regular, our services, which we always provide with outmost high level of quality and there is our team at BOC Institute. We are growing for one new colleague in March and I am looking forward to welcome Brina. We will keep you posted.

Being a petite, boutique consulting agency, what matters the most is a positive and supportive “word of mouth” recommendation, among our clients and candidates. Though, what we value the most, is when our services are recommended to companies by our competition and expert colleagues. And there is a simple rule. If we are able and willing to support and recommend our colleagues or competition, so will they. An honest and authentic word of professional support is one of the best rewards you can get. Interesting is, that I was writing about authentic leadership this month at siol.net and instantly I made the connection between being an authentic leader and authentic supporter. Because givers gain. And that is the best and the most wonderful illustration of the February 2020.

Stay in love with what you do and keep supporting each other!

Big hug and kisses,


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​Givers gain!

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